Looking Back In Blue

by Scott Yoder



All songs by Scott Yoder
2016 Spirit Aminals (SESAC)


released March 25, 2016

Scott Yoder - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Stefan Rubicz - Piano, Organ
Aaron Oxford - Lead Guitar
Conor Kiley - Drums

Produced by Brandon Eggleston
Written by Scott Yoder (Spirit Aminals SESAC)
Photo by Mike De Leon


all rights reserved



Scott Yoder Seattle, Washington


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Track Name: Silver Boy
Silver boy in silver hat
Leads you to his spaceship tomb
Purring like a wild cat
Takes you by his hand of doom

Remember him, remember him
His silver face has turned to tin
Remember him, remember him
As silver dust blows in the wind

One look at him you know its wrong
You can feel his disease
He's already too far gone
Hear him singing through the trees
Track Name: Ribbon Of Hate
Come on back to my side
Are you satisfied with your pride
I know it aint easy
But in me, you can confide

Caught in this Ribbon of Hate
as it tangles its way through our lives
Can't break this Ribbon of Hate
And it's tangled its way through our young & innocent lives

Keeping the beat on our own
Together but always alone
Trying to stay in time
With a mind that's not mine
Track Name: Songs To Strangers
Singing songs to strangers in a bar
They say we're on our way
Though we haven't travelled very far
Singing songs to strangers in a bar

What was it tat brought you out tonight
Did you know the songs we sang
Or were you clapping just to be polite
Singing songs to strangers every night

Been out on the road for too long
Folks we know back home
Never realized how far we've gone
Singing songs to strangers all along

What did you expect for Monday
No one ever goes
What did you expect for Friday
They're all at the other show
Singing songs to strangers in that other bar
Track Name: Where Does She Go?
Where does she go
When you need her
Where does she go
In the night

Feel like I was born right on your grave
And I had to get away
From the scent that you left on my soul
When the people came to pray
They had nothing to say
As they started to dig another hole

Now I'm drunk and on my knees
And I'm covered in wine
Because I thought that you might sympathize
But there's no turning back
From these feelings that we lack
The specter of death between your eyes
Track Name: Alien
Just before the dawn
I was laying in her arms
Counting all the minutes I'd wasted there
She was a world from yesterday
And I had to hide away
Everybody knew this was nowhere

Stranded on a planet in the farthest reach of space
Looking like a child with tear stains on my face
I knew I had to hide away to find my secret grace
Feeling like an alien among the human race

So I crept out of her room
Under the light of the blue moon
My feet they were getting itchy for the road
Then I hitched a ride to town
I was wearing her wedding gown
When I got out I felt so damn alone
Track Name: Looking Back In Blue
Looking back in blue
At the life that we once knew
It isn't very hard to shed a tear
Looking back in blue
Seems to see me through
The nights are getting long this time of year
Think of where you are
As I look to the stars
And know that they have burned out long ago
But their light lingers on
Until the nighttime meets the dawn
And the star that's closest to us let's us know

Looking back in blue
It's all I seem to do
The sky is black when you look back in blue

Let the sun light in
Feel it warm your skin
And know this day will never come again
Breathe the morning air
Forget about you cares
And go and let someone know you're their friend

If you could see beyond the blue sky
Countless suns are burning bright
Hidden by the dark of heaven
Photographed by satellite

Looking back in blue
At the life that we once knew
It isn't very hard to she a tear
Looking back in blue
I know that you do too
I want so much to have you with me hear

Looking back in blue
It's all I seem to do
The sky is black when you look back in blue, yeah
Looking back in blue
I know that you do too
The sky is black when you look back in blue
Track Name: Who Am I?
Winter time has come
And it's like last year
Sun is in my eyes
Frozen sky is clear
I'm riding out at dawn
With my guitar to play
Songs you sing to me
Will never make me stay

Who am I to wake you
From your precious world of light
Who am I to take you
Into my broken arms tonight

I never sing in tune
Forget the words to say
Nervous in my eyes
Always look away
I messed it up again
Left you waiting there
With your crooked teeth
Your pretty yellow hair

Winter time has come
And it's just like last year
Mud is in my eyes
And nothings clear
I know you're leaving soon
You've got to find your way
Song I wrote for you
Will never make you stay

What's the use in stopping
What we started so long ago
This weight won't leave my shoulders
Until I set out on the road
Track Name: Children's Games
Moon is in your eyes
Sun won't ever rise
Sing yourself to sleep
Playing games for keeps

All that's left to do
Is play children's games
Feels like going home
Children's games
We all should be alone
I didn't mean to leave you
With that same sad song
We've been humming all along

Feel the water flow
Hold it then let go
Don't you know the truth
No one sings for you

Looking back in blue
All that's left to do...

Melody's coming back to me
I hear them in the night
Singing softly through the trees
Makes it seems all right
Track Name: Paint Her Picture
Eyes of violet woke up to a cold and empty room
Face was scarlet, wet with tears though the afternoon

Colors of the girl you left
Will fade away in time
Try to paint her picture
You'll only lose your mind

Waves of blue are pulling you along your freedom flight
Amber rye is in your hand from dusk 'til the morning light

You can try your best to fight it
It only makes it worse
You can close your eyes to spite it
But all you see is her

Leaves of green are floating through the pond beside your park
Sun is shining in the sky but all your thoughts are dark

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